Finbas – a finance database for researchers

Finbas is a high quality finance database, containing financial data such as daily end-of-day stock price data, corporate actions and fundamentals from the Nordic Stock Exchanges, MTF’s and OTC markets.

The access to the FinBas database is reserved to academics belonging to Scandinavian institutions.

FinBas in brief

The Finbas finance database has been in commercial use for almost three decades, which makes the data quality very high. Finbas contains data from four countries, and the start date of each data set per country is: Sweden 1979, Norway 1980, Denmark 1993 and Finland 1986.

The financial data is provided by several sources: SIX Financials AB supplies daily prices, corporate actions and fundamentals, which are updated on a quarterly basis. Another provider of data is SME Direkt, an independent consensus estimate service covering some 150 listed companies in the Nordic region. Finbas also includes one year lagged calculated estimates for sales, ebit, pretax, net profit, EPS and DPS, supplied by the news agency Direkt.

Example of corporate actions data included in the finance database are dividends data, stock splits, right issues, buybacks and adjustment factors.

The Finbas finance database was originally started in the Accounting Department at SSE in 1976 and eventually sold to commercial users in 1984. After several turns in ownership it was donated back to SSE by NasdaqOMX.

Future work

The Swedish House of Finance plans to disseminate an extension of Swedish fundamental data through the Finbas finance database, followed by the other Nordic markets.

We are currently working on a project to backdate Swedish price data to 1912. The accumulation of correct corporate actions far back in time poses many challenges as it is necessary to identify which corporate events happened in history.

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