Welcome to the Swedish House of Finance National Research Data Center

Modern financial research is crucially reliant on the availability of high quality data suitable for research purposes. Creating and maintaining these data bases is very expensive and data for commercial use has historically been a highly priced commodity. In addition, the duplication of data bases at various research institutions increases the total data base costs substantially. To deal with this problem, the Swedish House of Finance has created the National Research Data Center, whose databases will be available to the academic community and distributed through this web based platform.

The purpose of this data base effort is to enable access to expensive commercial data sets at a very low cost, create and maintain supply of commercially not available data sets and improve quality of the data sets according to the preferences of the academic community.

Our intention is to continuously grow the number of available data sets and improve the functionality and hopefully enable truly ground-breaking research.

For further information or questions regarding our datasets, please refer to our support website.