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The Swedish House of Finance Insurance Data Project is a collaborative effort between the Swedish House of Finance (SHoF) and AMF, Alecta and Folksam. The goal of this collaboration is to facilitate data acquisition and to promote new research and understanding in the field of finance, pensions, and insurance. Data drives innovation and groundbreaking research. By facilitating the data acquisition process, we can help researchers to share their experience with these new datasets as well as support them in the process of data acquisition.

Insurance companies collect and store information on individual pension and insurance accounts. The process of identifying and collecting data from their warehouses for research purposes is time-consuming, expensive and requires special expertise and knowledge. This website is designed as the portal for researchers who want to interact with insurance companies on specific projects. Since each project has its unique data needs and requires distinctive data extractions, the information and experience gained during each individual project is shared in a common knowledge base maintained in this website. This material facilitates future research on pension and insurance issues.

The following information is available in this portal:

  1. Data acquisition procedures
  2. Description of available insurance and pension data
  3. Description of past projects utilizing pension and insurance data
  4. Online form for submission of research applications

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